An Amazing Mobile Phone With Amazing Software

Vivo introduced the Vivo V15 phone in Thailand last month. It is the first smart phone to come from Vivo and is based on Android OS. The Vivo V15 comes at a price of about 10,500 Thai Baht (around 24,500.)

The key features of the Vivo V15 are the attractive looks, the large screen (5.5 inches), fast performance, excellent battery life and the cool multi-functional buttons. The camera, for example, has an impressive eight megapixel camera and although it’s not the best I’ve used, it does come pretty close to the iPhone 6s Plus. The software is also commendable, especially for a smartphone and this goes to show that Vivo really did put some time and effort into this. The free Google Maps software included with the phone enables you to get around town, check bus times and get traffic data.

The phone comes with a unique vivo v15 feature called the “face unlock” and I think it’s a brilliant idea. When you press the camera button it will lock your eyes so you can take a photo without having to look through the viewfinder. This feature is great for someone who is trying to hide their identity because they don’t want everyone to see them. The low light performance of the Vivo V15 also makes it a very attractive looking phone. The phone has a great screen, great looks and great performance.

The Vivo V15 pro comes with a software package called Moto Sense, which means it integrates all of your google applications, play music and videos, edit photos, manage contacts, keep track of flights and Google maps, among others. The software does not cost anything extra and it helps you make the most of what you have been using your phone for. It is extremely easy to use and works wonderfully on the vivo v15 pro. One of the best parts of the software is that you can activate some of it with voice activation. There is no doubt that the vivo v15 pro is a very versatile device.

One thing I really like about the vivo v15 pro is that there is a front and a back light. This is great for those who are driving or doing other activities outdoors. You can take a look at your phone from any angle without having to really strain your eyes to read. This amoled display is also bright and is easy on the eyes. The phone has an in-screen sensor for navigation and this is a great feature as it makes it easy for you to navigate around the Android interfaces.

The two main cameras on the vivo v15 are located on the sides and the back of the handset and these are called as the primary sensor and the depth sensor. You can really see how these two little features add up to make this phone so popular among professionals. The primary sensor will detect objects up to a distance of forty inches and it can detect objects at even greater distances. The depth sensor can work in two modes namely single shot and live panoramas. With the live panoramas, the vivo v15 can shoot multiple pictures in one frame and this is certainly something that professional photographers would love to have.